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How To Sell Google Forms Templates

So…Google Workspace has 3 billion users and a good % probably use Google Forms. Many people would know how to create their own form, perhaps from copying a form they have on paper, but others get stuck knowing what to include on their form.

Their struggle compounds when they click into the Google Forms template gallery and only see 22 templates to use. From here, a small % would do a Google search for a X Google form and find the page where you sell access to the Google Form you designed.

Adding Value

I’m generally pretty picky with the design of my online forms so I want a clean form that is simple to use and has a nice design. This is one area where we add value. You also add value because you’ve saved someone the task of manually typing out their form fields.

In this video, we’ll look at the two main steps in creating and sharing Google Forms.


What Types of Templates People Sell on Google Forms

There’s a diverse market for Google Forms templates, catering to different needs. Popular types include:

  • Surveys: Used for market research, customer feedback, or academic studies.
  • Quizzes: Educational quizzes, personality tests, or trivia.
  • Registration Forms: For events, webinars, or courses.
  • Feedback Forms: For services, events, or product feedback.
  • Order Forms: For small businesses or e-commerce sites.
  • Appointment Forms: For manual scheduling and booking.

Using a Free Google Forms Account to Create & Sell Templates

Yes, you can use a free Google Forms account to create and sell templates. However, there are some limitations compared to the paid G Suite versions, such as fewer customization options and less storage. Despite these limitations, many successful templates can be created with a free account.

Steps to Sell Google Forms Templates

  1. Create Your Template: Design a form that is generic enough to suit various users but specific enough to be valuable. Pay attention to layout, question types, and conditional logic.
  2. Prepare for Sale: To share your template, save it to a new Google Drive folder and then change the URL suffix of the form from /edit to /copy. This ensures that when someone accesses your link, they’re prompted to create a copy of the form in their own Google account, maintaining the original’s integrity.
  3. Market Your Template: Use platforms like Etsy, social media, or your website to sell your templates. Clear descriptions, use cases, and attractive visuals can help market these templates effectively.
  4. Distribute: Once a purchase is made, share the /copy link with your customer. They can then use this link to import a copy of the template into their Google account.

FAQs for Google Forms Template Sellers

Q: How do I price my Google Forms templates?
A: Consider the complexity of the template, the time invested, and the potential market value. Research what similar templates are selling for and price competitively.

Q: Are there copyright issues to consider?
A: Ensure that your templates are original creations. Do not use copyrighted material without permission.

Q: How do I attract buyers for my templates?
A: Utilize SEO strategies, engage with online communities, create content that showcases your templates, and consider paid advertising.

Q: Can I offer custom template services?
A: Absolutely! Offering customization can attract a wider range of customers who need templates tailored to their specific needs.


Google also has a referral program that you can access here. You get paid a set fee for every person who signs up using your referral link. How do you use it? On your template sales pages, add a sentence that asks people whether they’re Google users. If they’re not users, they can click the link, sign up for a paid Google Workspace account and you get paid.

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