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How To Sell Todoist Templates

Todoist templates are versatile tools for enhancing productivity and organization. They cater to various needs and interests, including:

  1. Project Management: These templates are designed for managing large projects, with sections for different phases, tasks, and deadlines.
  2. Daily Routines: Ideal for personal use, they help in structuring daily activities like morning routines, workout schedules, or meal planning.
  3. Business Operations: Tailored for business contexts, these templates assist in tracking meetings, employee tasks, client interactions, and more.
  4. Educational Planning: Useful for students and educators, these templates help in organizing study schedules, assignment deadlines, and academic planning.
  5. Event Planning: From weddings to corporate events, these templates facilitate the detailed planning required for successful event execution.
  6. Habit Tracking: For personal development, these templates aid in tracking and building new habits over time.

You can either build a Todoist checklist from scratch or you can import a checklist by following the instructions on this page. In the following video, I’ll show give you a quick tour of Todoist, show you the ways you can create checklists to sell and show you how to get a share link to add to your store.

Using a Free Todoist Account to Create & Sell Templates

Yes, you can use a free Todoist account to create and sell templates but you can only create 5 templates on the free plan. To increase your template limit to 300 templates, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid plan.

Steps to Sell Todoist Templates

Creating the Template:

  1. Design your template in Todoist, organizing tasks and sections as needed.

Sharing the Template:

  1. Once your template is ready, click on the project name to open the project actions menu.
  2. Select ‘Export as a template’ and choose ‘Share as a public template link’.
  3. Todoist will generate a unique URL for your template.

Selling the Template:

  1. Share the template link on platforms where your target audience is likely to be. This can include your own website, social media, productivity forums, or marketplaces dedicated to Todoist templates.
  2. To monetize, you can use payment gateways or services like PayPal, Patreon, or a dedicated e-commerce setup on your website. Ensure the buyer receives the template link upon payment.

Download and Customization by Buyer:

  1. Buyers can use your shared link to import the template into their Todoist account.
  2. They can then customize the template according to their needs.

FAQs for Todoist Template Sellers

Q: How do I price my Todoist templates? A: Research existing templates similar to yours in functionality and complexity. Consider your time investment and the template’s potential value to the user.

Q: Can I update a template after selling it? A: Yes, but you’ll need to redistribute the new template link to past buyers. It’s good practice to notify them of updates.

Q: Are there legal considerations in selling Todoist templates? A: Ensure your templates do not infringe on intellectual property rights and comply with Todoist’s terms of use. If you’re using external content, get the necessary permissions.

Q: How can I promote my Todoist templates? A: Leverage social media, productivity blogs, and forums. Building a community around your content can also drive sales and feedback.

Q: What are the best practices for creating effective Todoist templates? A: Focus on usability, clear organization, and versatility. Tailor your templates to specific needs while keeping them adaptable for a broader audience.

Remember, the key to successful selling is not just creating valuable templates, but also effectively marketing them and providing excellent customer support.


Todoist also has an affiliate program that you can access via PartnerStack. You get paid 25% of the customer’s bill (for up to 12 months) for every person who signs up using your referral link. How do you use it? On your template sales pages, add a sentence that asks people whether they’re Todoist users. If they’re not users, they can click the link, sign up for a paid Todoist account and you get paid.

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