Waste Recycler Templates

Looking for Waste Recycler Templates to download? See the main templates that a Waste Recycler would use in their day-to-day work.

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Waste Recycler Templates

There is a huge number of templates that someone in the Waste Recycler role uses in their daily work. In this article, we’ll outline the main templates they use.

Documents & Spreadsheets

These templates are some of the most commonly used templates by a Waste Recycler. Documents are often built in tools like Word, Google Docs, Notion & others while spreadsheets are often built in Excel, Google Sheets, Airtable & others.

1. Waste Collection Schedule
2. Waste Disposal Report
3. Recycling Progress Tracker
4. Waste Audit Checklist
5. Waste Management Plan
6. Recycling Bin Inventory
7. Waste Recycling Cost Analysis
8. Monthly Recycling Performance Report
9. Hazardous Waste Manifest
10. Waste Recycling Training Manual


Reports are often prepared by a Waste Recycler to track business performance for themselves or for their management team. They can be created in a variety of tools and can be static or dynamic templates.

1. Monthly Waste Collection Report
2. Recycling Efficiency Report
3. Waste Disposal Analysis Report
4. Hazardous Waste Management Report
5. Waste Reduction Progress Report
6. Recycling Program Evaluation Report
7. Waste Sorting and Segregation Report
8. Waste Audit Report
9. Environmental Impact Assessment Report
10. Waste Management Cost Analysis Report


At the heart of businesses with solid systems and processes are SOPs (standard operating procedures). These should be living documents that outline what a Waste Recycler does and how they do it.

1. Sorting SOP Template
2. Recycling Equipment Maintenance SOP Template
3. Hazardous Waste Handling SOP Template
4. Composting SOP Template
5. Waste Collection SOP Template
6. Waste Disposal SOP Template
7. Recycling Program Implementation SOP Template
8. Waste Reduction SOP Template
9. Waste Audit SOP Template
10. Emergency Response SOP Template


Waste Recycler presentations can be delivered either to internal or external stakeholders. Often created in tools like PowerPoint, Google Slides, Canva, Adobe or others, they are important for visually communicating important business information.

1. Monthly Waste Recycling Report
2. Environmental Impact Assessment
3. Waste Management Strategies
4. Recycling Program Evaluation
5. Sustainable Waste Solutions

Legal Docs

There are several key times when a Waste Recycler needs to create and complete legal documents. By using templates set up as documents, signable PDFs or esignature software templates, they can speed up this process.

1. Waste Disposal Agreement
2. Environmental Compliance Checklist
3. Recycling Program Policy
4. Hazardous Waste Manifest
5. Waste Management Plan

Health & Safety Templates

Health & Safety templates for a Waste Recycler ensure that the correct forms are completed to protect from harm and record any incidents at work.

1. Incident Report Template
2. Hazard Identification Template
3. Safety Inspection Checklist Template
4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Assessment Template
5. Emergency Response Plan Template


Setting up Waste Recycler calendars ensures that they can visually see what’s coming up and plan events successfully.

1. Collection Schedule Calendar
2. Sorting and Processing Calendar
3. Recycling Events Calendar
4. Equipment Maintenance Calendar
5. Waste Disposal Calendar

Invoice Templates

Several types of Waste Recycler invoice templates can be used and these are generally set up as Word docs, PDFs or accounting software templates.

1. Monthly Waste Collection Invoice
2. Recycling Services Invoice
3. Hazardous Waste Disposal Invoice
4. Waste Management Consultation Invoice
5. Waste Recycling Equipment Rental Invoice

Survey Templates

For a Waste Recycler to get insights related to the work they do, they need to send out Waste Recycler surveys. These templates can be set up as documents, fillable PDFs or survey software templates.

1. Customer Satisfaction Survey
2. Recycling Program Evaluation Survey
3. Waste Management Feedback Survey
4. Environmental Awareness Survey
5. Employee Engagement Survey

Meeting Agendas

Having premade Waste Recycler meeting agenda and meeting notes templates can save time and ensure you run efficient meetings. They are usually set up in tools like Word, Google Docs, Notion & others.

1. Monthly Operations Review Meeting
2. Environmental Compliance Meeting
3. Waste Reduction Strategy Meeting
4. Stakeholder Engagement Meeting
5. Safety and Training Meeting

Budget Templates

To manage finances well, a Waste Recycler would need to have budget templates they can used on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

1. Monthly Expense Budget Template
2. Income Tracking Budget Template
3. Waste Collection Budget Template
4. Equipment Maintenance Budget Template
5. Employee Payroll Budget Template


Dashboards are a useful way for a Waste Recycler to monitor business performance and they can be set up as static documents or dynamic online documents/views.

1. Waste Collection Dashboard
2. Recycling Progress Dashboard
3. Landfill Usage Dashboard
4. Sustainability Metrics Dashboard
5. Cost Analysis Dashboard

Proposal Templates

For bidding or requesting work, a Waste Recycler needs a boilerplate proposal template that they can use over and over again. These templates can be set up as documents, fillable PDFs or proposal software templates.

1. Recycling Program Expansion Proposal
2. Waste Reduction and Recycling Education Proposal
3. Sustainable Packaging Initiative Proposal
4. Waste Management Facility Upgrade Proposal
5. Community Outreach and Awareness Campaign Proposal

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