Todoist – Business Monthly Planner Template


Use this template to plan out business tasks for the year.

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Todoist – Business Monthly Planner Template

Use this template to plan out business tasks for the year.

Why You Need This Todoist Business Planner Template

In the dynamic world of business, staying organized and on top of your goals is crucial. The Todoist Business Planner Template is designed to seamlessly integrate into your Todoist account, offering a structured and comprehensive approach to manage your business tasks and objectives throughout the year. Whether you’re a startup founder, a small business owner, or a manager in a larger corporation, this template is your roadmap to staying ahead in the fast-paced business environment.

Template Features

  • January – Start of the Year Planning: Kick off the year with tasks like reviewing financial statements, setting annual goals, and preparing for taxes. This section is crucial for setting the tone for the rest of the year.
  • February – Business Process Optimization: Focus on CRM database cleanup, employee training, and website maintenance to streamline your operations.
  • March – Financial Review and Planning: This section is all about quarterly financial reports, tax filing, and cash flow analysis, ensuring your financial health is monitored closely.
  • April – Customer Relationship Building: Engage with your customers through appreciation events, targeted email marketing, and sales strategy updates.
  • May – Marketing and Growth Strategies: From SEO audits to networking events and sustainability initiatives, May is about growth and expansion.
  • June – Employee Development and Training: Mid-year reviews and team-building activities are essential for maintaining a motivated and skilled workforce.
  • July – Technology and System Upgrades: Focus on software updates, IT security assessments, and marketing campaign reviews.
  • August – Inventory Management and Supplier Relationships: Supplier evaluation and inventory turnover analysis are key to efficient operations.
  • September – Financial Planning and Analysis: Budget reviews, investment analysis, and tax planning set you up for fiscal success.
  • October – Marketing Campaigns and Promotions: Gear up for holiday marketing and social media engagement.
  • November – Customer Engagement and Loyalty: Implement loyalty programs and prepare for the holiday season’s demands.
  • December – Year-End Financial Review and Planning: Close the year with comprehensive financial reports and goal setting for the next year.

Adding Template To Your Account

  1. Purchase the Template: Once you’ve purchased the Todoist Business Planner Template on Gumroad, you will receive a unique link to access the template.
  2. Click “Use This Template”: Click on the “Use This Template” button. This will redirect you to a page where you can add the template to your Todoist account.
  3. Log In to Todoist: If you’re not already logged in, the page will prompt you to log into your Todoist account.
  4. Add to Todoist: After logging in, you’ll have the option to add the template to your Todoist account. Click on the relevant button to complete this step.
  5. Customize and Use: Once added, the template will appear in your Todoist account. You can then customize it according to your business needs and start using it to manage and track your business activities effectively.

By adding this comprehensive business planner to your Todoist account, you’re not just organizing your tasks; you’re setting a foundation for measurable and achievable business success throughout the year.

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