Todoist – Daily Planner Template

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Use this template to plan your daily tasks in Todoist.

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Todoist – Daily Planner Template

Use this template to plan your daily tasks in Todoist.

Why You Need This Template

In today’s fast-paced world, effective daily planning is key to productivity and peace of mind. The Todoist Daily Planner Template offers a structured and efficient way to organize your day. Whether you’re juggling multiple projects, tracking personal goals, or simply looking to bring more order to your daily routine, this template is an invaluable tool. It’s designed to help you focus on what matters most, ensuring that you don’t overlook important tasks or appointments.

Template Features

  1. Daily Planner Section: This core section helps you plan your day with precision. It includes tasks for setting priorities, time blocking, reviewing your calendar, and creating a comprehensive task list.
  2. Task Management: Beyond daily planning, the template includes a dedicated section for detailed task management. This part lists tasks sequentially, allowing you to name and track up to ten specific tasks for the day.
  3. Morning and Evening Routines: To help you start and end your day right, the template includes tasks for outlining your morning and evening routines. This encourages a healthy balance of productivity and relaxation.
  4. Meals and Breaks: Schedule your meals and breaks to ensure you’re recharging effectively throughout the day.
  5. Personal Time and Goal Tracking: Allocate time for personal activities or relaxation and keep track of your progress towards long-term goals.
  6. Notes and Reflection: This section offers space for jotting down notes, observations, or reflections, allowing you to capture insights and ideas as they occur throughout the day.

Adding Template To Your Account

To add this template to your Todoist account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Purchase the Template: Buy the Todoist Daily Planner Template from Gumroad.
  2. Use This Template Button: After purchase, you’ll see a “Use This Template” button on the Gumroad page.
  3. Link to Todoist: Clicking this button will redirect you to Todoist, where you can log in to your account.
  4. Automatic Addition: The template will automatically be added to your Todoist account, ready for customization and use.
  5. Customization: Once added, you can customize the template to suit your specific needs, adding or modifying tasks as required.

By integrating this template into your Todoist account, you streamline your daily planning process, ensuring a more productive and organized day.

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