Todoist – Employee Onboarding Template

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Use this template to plan your employee onboarding experience in Todoist.

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Todoist – Employee Onboarding Template

Use this template to plan your employee onboarding experience in Todoist.

Why You Need This Template

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, employee onboarding is crucial for both the individual’s success and the organization’s growth. The Todoist Employee Onboarding Checklist Template provides a structured and efficient approach to onboarding new employees. This comprehensive template ensures that no critical steps are missed, from preboarding activities to nine-month milestones. It facilitates a smoother transition for new hires, enhancing their integration into the company’s culture and systems. By using this template, you can significantly improve the onboarding experience, leading to increased employee satisfaction and retention.

Template Features

1. Preboarding:

  • Send Offer Letter: Ensures the official offer letter is sent promptly.
  • Background Check: Streamlines the initiation of necessary background checks.
  • Prepare Employment Contract: Assists in drafting and finalizing employment contracts.
  • Order Equipment and Supplies: Manages procurement of essential tools and supplies.
  • Create Email and System Accounts: Guides the setup of email and system access.

2. First Day:

  • Welcome and Introduction: Sets the tone for a warm welcome.
  • Office Tour: Facilitates a comprehensive tour of the office.
  • Paperwork Completion: Organizes all necessary forms and paperwork.
  • IT Setup: Assists in setting up IT equipment and accounts.
  • Meet the Team: Promotes team introductions and integration.

 [Continues through First Week, First Month, Second and Third Months, Fourth to Sixth Months, Seventh to Ninth Months]

Adding Template To Your Account

  1. Purchase the Template: Buy the Todoist Employee Onboarding Checklist Template from Gumroad.
  2. Use the Template: After purchase, you will see a button labeled ‘Use This Template’. Click this button.
  3. Todoist Integration: Clicking the button automatically adds the checklist to your Todoist account.
  4. Customization: Once added to your Todoist, you can customize the checklist to suit your company’s specific onboarding process.

Remember, this template is designed to adapt to various corporate cultures and requirements, ensuring a seamless and productive onboarding process for every new hire.

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